Duty Coordinator Call - 0300-365-2025



The most crucial part of any team and charity

Someone who wishes to work as part of a team

Who can provide a few hours to help us deliver our service

All charities rely on a dedicated team of committed volunteers to raise the needed cash to deliver their service,

We need you to call us, we want to chat to you,

We want friends, we need you…

We need to collect moneys in several ways, through collections, often events at stores, through giving talks at clubs and organisations who wish to donate to us, by writing or contacting others asking for donations and by providing support to the riders and call handlers in other ways.

Through public awareness campaigns, helping to deliver awareness of the trust and its aims and objectives.

We need you to help develop and deliver our service, to be a part of our team,

You don’t need to ride a bike, drive a car, you need to be good at being you…

If you are a lively, outward going person, who is good at being a team player, we need to hear from you to understand how you might help us to help others….