Duty Coordinator Call - 0300-365-2025

24hr operation during the Coronavirus pandemic


Volunteer Call Handler…

As a call handler you are the first contact with the charity people might have when asking for assistance, you need to be a friendly open person, who has good communication skills, who has a can-do attitude to the process, is realistic and can work independently and as part of a team.

You will need to have some basic administration ability/skills and have some knowledge of IT.

You will need access to a telephone and a computer

You will need to be able to commit to a rota of our service hours,

Monday to Friday, 17.00 until 07.00

Weekend and bank holidays 24 hrs


We need your help, just as important to the delivering of an urgent item is the need to take the call

SWBB is a small charity who operate to transfer the urgent requests of our partners in an effective and timely way, as a call handler you will be an integral part of the service we offer.

You will help us to control our service, direct our response to requests and able to deal with pressure at times to achieve these outcomes.

You will do the role from home, or if out from your mobile phone,

You will receive a call from a hospital as an example, requesting a collection of a sample to go for testing, you will complete the request form identifying the sample to be collected, from where it's to be collected and the time frame it needs to be delivered in along with the destination of the delivery.

You would then contact the on-call rider to dispatch them to the task.

You would follow guidance through the operations policies and procedures in achieving these outcomes as well as how to manage unusual request or other issues and how to contact others to reach an outcome

We offer full training and ongoing guidance to you to manage your role.