Duty Coordinator Call - 0300-365-2025

24hr operation during the Coronavirus pandemic

We are grateful for the following organisations that provide us with support to maintain the free service to the NHS:


Jobel Bathrooms - without the support of their owner, Michael Freeman, there would be no South West Blood Bikes.  He was our founder, and remains a Trustee and active rider for the charity today.  Our Plymouth base is also housed in a building owned by this sponsor, for which we are grateful.

Macpherson Motorcycles


MacPherson Motorcycles - Chris and his team look after our Plymouth bikes.  Servicing these at a reduced labour cost, not making any mark ups on parts supplied, and providing a free "Safety Check" monthly on each of our machines has made a real difference to our team this year.  Plus, did we mention they serve excellent coffee?

Andrew Ley Graphic Design - Andrew has provided us with considerable support during the last year or two, helping with design of our stationery and leaflets etc, to help us to brand a strong corporate image - something we don't have experience of as Blood Bike volunteers,  our group has a significant skill base, but the wrong sort of skills, and we would have not looked as professional as we do were it not for his help!  He has even used his trade knowledge to link us up with printing deals at value we couldn't have achieved ourselves! 

Colebrook Transporters have helped us by raising money for us, and have also undertaken to service our four wheeled fleet at cost price to help us keep the wheels turning.  This VW specialist, based in Plympton, is one of the only garages in the area to have been awarded five stars in the "Good Garage" scheme.  It is essential to us that our vehicles are fit for purpose and will get where they are meant to be.  We carry potentially life saving items, and we need to have faith in the people servicing our vehicles, so this rating is as important to us as the support they give us.