Duty Coordinator Call - 0300-365-2025

24hr operation during the Coronavirus pandemic

Face mask clips recieved by Claire McKeich and a nurse from Nuffield Health

This week we helped to answer a call from Claire McKeich a nurse from Derriford Hospital who asked on social media if anyone could help by making face mask clips (to relieve the elastic on the mask which goes behind the ears).

This was taken up by Alison from Mill lane Cottage and her friends from Bathpool and Launceston; also, the challenge was taken up by wives from South West Blood Bikes. Yesterday members of South West Blood Bikes delivered the important parts for their PPE.

Not only for Claire’s ward we made so much we also gave x-Ray depart and the A&E at Derriford and Nuffield Health we hope this help our lovely Nurses. Our thanks go out to everyone involved in producing these small clips along with our riders who delivered the small but important piece of equipment.

If there is any way that we can help in the community, we will endeavour to provide the support that we can even if this means we signpost to another organisation that is a better position to assist.