Duty Coordinator Call - 0300-365-2025

24hr operation during the Coronavirus pandemic

South West Blood Bikes are proud to be Devon's official member of the Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes.  We were awarded this honour some months ago, when the association decided that they would not renew the membership of the charity currently in this role.  In order for us to be appointed, we had to be vetted and prove that we met their strict membership standards, which we were able to do.

Membership of this association means that not only do we meet the required standards, but we also now form part of their "Coast to Coast" Bloodbike service.  This covers most of the the UK and Eire, and means that items can be moved across the nation quickly and efficiently by groups working together, which each group handing over the consignment to their neighbouring group at pre-defined handover points in each county.

We also get a say on how the Blood Bike service develops at regular meetings of all NABB groups, and can also share best practices and operational ideas with other organisations carrying out the same role as ourselves.  

Here at South West Blood Bikes we are immensely proud to be part of the association.  Having achieved the required standard in such a relatively short time is a huge recognition of the work put in by our volunteers since the creation of our charity, which is still really in it's infancy, having been formed only in late 2018 and not becoming fully operational until 2019.