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24hr operation during the Coronavirus pandemic

Collage showing the gifts left for a volunteer, and essential COVID-19 hand gel supplies.

During this unprecedented time with COVID-19 affecting every one of us directly, we are not able to go about our daily business as we normally would. Our volunteers are available around the clock 24 hours a day to provide help and assistance to the NHS as well as essential organisations around them.

We are blown away at the number of offers that are coming in, ranging from messages from volunteers offering their time to companies providing us with much needed supplies. A few of those we are listing here as the items they provide are proving to be essential in minimising the risk of transferring the COVID-19 virus.

A massive Thank You goes out to each and every one who has provided assistance and offers in this time of need. We will continue to provide our service free of charge, with no volunteer receiving any kind of reimbursement for their efforts.

Ecotech Europe: 

Donated hand gel from Ecotech Europe essential to keep our hands clean during the Covid19 pandemicEcotech Europe have donated a supply of urgently needed Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel, which is essential to allow our volunteers to ensure they have clean hands whenever moving from a vehicle or building, or having handled an item which has been handed over from a 3rd party.

J&S Plymouth:

Donated items from J&S Plymouth bungies and cargo netJ & S Plymouth have donated some basic items which are used to secure items to the back racks of our bikes. These small items are essential consumables that overtime deteriorate and need replacing.

Gift from a member of the public: 

A heartfelt gift left on one of our vehiclesOne of our volunteers returned to our emergency response vehicle to find several packets of sweets, which certainly bought a smile to his face. To the unknown donor a massive Thank You from all of us Volunteers doing our bit to support our NHS services. This is certainly a Random Act of Kindness that we are seeing across the entire country.


Along with all the other volunteer services across the county we will continue to provide the much-needed service to all those that we can. It is also heart-warming to hear how many people have answered the call from the government to volunteer their time to help fight the COVID-19 outbreak by supporting their local areas. In so many cases this is despite many not receiving a penny for their efforts while their private income is vastly reduced.