Duty Coordinator Call - 0300-365-2025

24hr operation during the Coronavirus pandemic

South West Blood Bikes are proud to be permitted to display the Charities Excellence Trust Mark, awarded by the Charity Excellence Framework.  To obtain this, we had to take a long and hard look at how our charity works as a unit, and through a series of very detailed reviews of each element of our structure and operation, we were assessed and marked on how well we benchmarked against others.  More importantly, at each point in the assessment, we were also given handy pointers to other organisations we could go to get discounted, or sometimes free, advice on governance.

It turns our we had done quite well!  We scored highly enough to be awarded the Trustmark, which we are permitted to display.  However, we also picked up some handy hints and tips along the way, which we are working to put into practice, so the whole process rather than being intrusive, was actually very helpful to our charity.

The Charities Excellence Framework also maintains a database of funders who help charities like ourselves, and through these links we have been able to find some organisations who have been able to help us keep providing our free Blood Bike service to the NHS and Hospices that we serve.  All in all this has been a very worthwhile pursuit for our charity, and we are grateful to the team at the Framework for the help that they have given, at no cost, to ourselves.  

If you are running a charity, we hightly recommend signing up to this initiative at https://www.charityexcellence.co.uk/