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24hr operation during the Coronavirus pandemic

As a charity, its important to keep track of all that happens this starts with the foundation of the charity and lists major events as they occour. This allows us to detail accuratly the events we need to report on in our annual report and allows everyone to see how the charity grows. We hope that having a timeline will prove to be benificial to our visitors.

  • 2019
  • Our fourth vehicle is now ready to serve


    Our 4th vehicle is... 



    Third vehicle is now ready


    Write up a quick summary of the event.

  • We now have our second vehicle


    We have got our second vehicle which is...

  • Nov 2018

    We have our first vehicle


    Our first vehicle is ....

    South West Blood Bikes Vehicle One Article


    Charity is reistered with Charity Commission


    Our registration is complete, we are officially a CIO charity. Read More

    Charity Commission Article