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24hr operation during the Coronavirus pandemic

Below is the just some of the fleet of vehicles that we use, in addition volunteers are able to use there own vehicles providing they comply with legal requirements. All of our vehicles are maintained to a high standard with pre ride checks being conducted on a daily basis if an issue is found on one vehicle its taken off of the road and one of the others is used instead. 

Blood Bike fleet vehicle Yamaha FJR 1300

Yamaha FJR 1300

Now widely used by the emergency services both in the UK and abroad, it has shown its self to be a competent and versatile fleet vehicle, both on the open road and about town.

We operate three of these excellent machines which are known for their reliability and excellent handling, and being "shaft drive" are easier to maintain than chain driven motorcycles.  

Blood Bike fleet vehicle BMW R1200RTP Response Bike

BMW RT1200

Historically the work horse of the emergency services motorbike units, we operate one of these bikes from our Plymouth base, this was one of our original bikes, but is due to be retired soon, with the current emphasis being to raise sufficient funds to purchase a new Honda NT1100 to replace this.

We are a sentimental bunch though, so even when it has retired from covering jobs, it will remain as a "spare" bike and for use at fundraising events throughout the county, and for attending talks where requested, so the "duty" bikes don't have to be distracted from their primary purpose.

Blood Bike fleet vehicle BMW F800 Response Vehicle


We operate two of these machines currently as part of our fleet, one is based in Torbay, and one in Plymouth.

These are much smaller and lighter than our other bikes, and being a paralell twin 800cc engine with belt drive, they are ideal for use on jobs around the city, where the larger bikes can be more difficult to negotiate through traffic with.

These bikes are ideal for our members of smaller stature also, as they are lightweight and have a much lower seat height and a narrower tank.  These two bikes are a firm favourite of our volunteers.

Our Four Wheeled Fleet

Blood Bikers will ride in almost any conditions, but some are even a challenge to us, inclement weather is a feature of our lives, but should not put ours or others lives at risk by being unsafe or unable to complete a request to collect or deliver something which other lives might depend on.  And indeed, NHSBT regulations which we must adhere to state that we must not move Blood Products on bikes when the ambient temparature is below 2c, or above 32c as this can damage the items being carried, and so our cars have to be used in these circumstances.

Blood Bike fleet vehicle Skoda Scout 4x4 Response Vehicle

Skoda Scout

To this end a 4x4 enables us to remain able to collect and deliver during bad weather.  We operate two of these Skoda Scout vehicles, one in North Devon, and one in Plymouth.  These are also used if we have a load which is too large to go by car, for instance two blood boxes or donor breast milk boxes, (we can only carry one on a bike), or the movement of medical records which can be very bulky and often over the safe weight limit to be carried on our bikes.

Blood Bike fleet vehicle Skoda Scout 4x4 Response Vehicle

Mercedes Vito Van

which is used by our Torbay team as their back up vehicle.