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24hr operation during the Coronavirus pandemic

Riding a Blood Bike at night, and in all weather conditions, can be hazardous.  And the loads that we carry are always important, but in some cases getting them safely to where they are needed could save a patients life.  Therefore, we insist that all of our riders hold a recongnised advanced riding qualification, whihc is either through the IAM or ROSPA.  

Volunteers who drive our cars and vans also need to hold an Advanced Qualification, or to be assessed by our own "in house" observers who belong to one of the organisations below,

Blood Biker or not, taking advanced training is never a bad thing, and we recommend that everyone continually improves their levels of skill.  With roads getting busier all the time, drivers being distracted by in car gadgetary, and the maintenance of our roads seemingly on the decline, we all need to be on top of our game. Riding or driving to the system you will learn by taking an advanced course will make sure that you are as safe on the road as you can be.

If you are interested in taking some additional training, why not contact one of the organisations below to find our more?

  • IAM advanced riding


    The IAM have groups throughout the country follow the link to gain more information.

    Learn More

  • rospa logo


    ROSPA groups are found across the country follow the link to gain more information.

    Learn More

Riders or drivers:

We would welcome you if,

To be a rider for the trust you need to be over 30 to comply with our insurance

You need to hold a current advanced motorcycle test either IAM or RoSPA (at Silver or Gold Level) achieved within the past three years

You need to be able to commit to several hours a week to ride, we operate from 5pm until 7am weekdays, and 24/7 at weekends and bank holidays.

We need your commitment to attend fund raising - without funds, we cannot operate.

You are willing to ride or drive in a variety of weather conditions, all year round.