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24hr operation during the Coronavirus pandemic

Blood bikers are volunteers, we come together with the aim of providing a free service to our NHS partners to transport their urgent items.

In the Plymouth and throughout Devon we have a large infrastructure of outlying Hospitals, Hospices, GP practices and these areas generate the need for items to be transported between them, at times urgently and out of hours.

The only way to transport the items has been either by taxi or courier, which has a cost to the NHS, we aim to help to reduce that cost and burden by providing a safe and effective alternative which in turn reduces the burden of cost and time on the health system.

We do this to improve outcomes, and sometimes save lives - but a valuable by product of this is that we save the NHS and Hospices we serve considerable amounts of money - much needed funds that they can plough back into patient care.

We currently operate three teams of riders, based in Plymouth, Torbay and North Devon.  We operate a fleet of eight Blood Bikes, and three "four wheeled" support vehicles, with more planned to be added during 2022 when we will be looking to open our fourth team to cover Exeter and East Devon.

If you should like more information or feel that you would like to either volunteer or contribute to the ongoing success of our team, please do contact us or see the frequently asked questions for further information.

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